About us



Yunnan Water Investment Co., Limited (Hereinafter referred to as “Yunnan Water Investment”) was established in June 2011. It is a state-owned enterprise set up with the approval of Yunnan provincial government, a participant in the investment and financing of urban sewage treatment and running water supply facility construction and operation management authorized by provincial government, and an investor representative and implementing organization of provincial water investment projects. Registered capital of the company is RMB 600 million Yuan. Till December 31, 2014, total assets of the company have reached nearly RMB 2.6 billion Yuan.


    Yunnan Water Investment will utilize its own advantages, closely combine actual condition of Yunnan province, water industry policy of the state and Yunnan region, center on green economy province, typical ethnic culture province and China opening to southwest bridgehead strategic target, and take adjusting economic structure and changing development mode as main line, enhancing industry fostering force and accelerating industrial development as the key point, reform opening and scientific and technological innovation as the power and improving people’s livelihood as the purpose; further optimize regional economic layout and accelerate integral advancing of social construction; reinforce ecological construction and environmental protection. In order to build a beautiful city environment and improving living environment quality, Yunnan Water Investment also fully participates in infrastructure investment and construction and operation work, including urban sewage treatment, running water supply, raw water supply, garbage disposal, to strive to achieve the “great water” operation principle of full industry chain management from raw water protection to reclaimed water utilization and from project construction to project operation, and actively play the market main channel function of a stated-owned water enterprise.